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Kelsey & Shea

A little about me (Kelsey), I have a strong addiction to coffee (Lorelai Gilmore would be proud). My two puppies (Penelope Lane and Charlotte Rae) rule the roost. I have a mild Netflix problem, enjoy red wine and love to read when I have a chance. I adore all things vintage (clothes, jewelry, music, furniture you name it). I grew up on a farm, so I'm not afraid of hard work or lifting heavy things. I am an open book so please message me, just a warning I am full of terrible dad jokes and I speak fluent sarcasm!

My hubby, Shea, and I actually grew up in the Memphis, got married, and settled down smack in the middle of the hustle and bustle. We wanted to be in the heart of a city that is growing and evolving in a positive way. Helping lovebirds plan their wedding, moms throw over the top birthdays, or friends gather around and socialize brings this community together. The phrase I live by is "I make things happen and I make it pretty". 

When it comes to planning your party we will pull design inspiration from your passions. We love creating slightly unorthodox, yet timeless celebrations that are as approachable as they are elegant. Building from a background of project management, interior decorating, and event planning in the Memphis area, we want to harness the things that make you unique and mold it into an occasion that expresses your personality in a classic and romantic way. 

- Kelsey Connor, Founding Curator


The Girls

& Jimmy

I like to say that people come into your life when you need them, and they need you. This team has fit that bill completely. I have loved watching this group come together. There was an underlying interest to learn more about planning events and it’s been a joy developing their skills and interests to plan weddings. Event planning is so vast and there is so much involved with running an event planning business and they have each taken a vital area and ran with it.

If you told me we would be here today when I was let go from my job and only had one pending wedding for that year, I would have laughed. But we’ve now done hundreds of events and absolutely love being able to be a part of the happiest day of our couples lives!


Rebecca Embrey

Wedding Manager - Right Hand Unicorn

Rebecca is a Union University Graduate with a degree in Political Science and a minor in Communications. She is a law nerd by day. We met working at a radio station doing promotional events and concerts and have worked events together for over 5 years. She is the ying to my yang. Reads my mind, finishes my sentences… whole nine yards. I don’t know what I would do without this dear friend! She is the only one I could even think of to bring on to help grow Connor & Co.!


Sarah Wofford

Wedding Manager & VP of Finance - Financial Wizard Unicorn

Sarah was almost a CPA before I met her and stole her over to the event planning dark side. She is a Mississippi State graduate with a degree in accounting and has her masters in professional accountancy, what a nerd (just kidding, I wish I was that smart). She has always been drawn to wedding and events and I’m so glad she is going to be apart of this growing company. Also, how adorable are her and Jackson. She married her high school sweetheart in 2017! And she is a dog mom to a labradoodle named Titus.

Esther Pillow

Event Management & PR Assistant - Photogenic Unicorn

Esther is currently a senior at the University of Memphis working on a degree in public relations. She took a year off to move to LA to try her luck in the fashion industry and she landed a job as a celebrity and fashion style assistant! She is no stranger to working in a fast paced environment and moved back to Memphis to continue her education and seek out new opportunities.

She recently got married to the love of her life and is living up the married life! I’m so excited she is on the team, she is as organized as she is creative and I’m jealous that she can’t take a bad picture!

Maddie McClure

Management & Floral Assistant - Amazonian Unicorn

I stole Maddie from a baker friend that was moving out of town. She is studying hospitality at Northwest University. She is so sweet, ready to work her rainbow tail off, and insanely creative. I needed her beautiful energy on the team! She can still bake some bomb cupcakes, loves puppies, planning, and pretty decor. She is on her way to being a master maker of all things fabulous!

Rachel Powell

Event Management & Marketing Assistant - Social Butterfly Unicorn

I found Rachel through a Wedding Planner group I’m apart of. She has taken our blog and social media by storm, I love seeing her passion for events and marketing. She’s been writing since high school in her yearbook and it’s been fun seeing her creative wheels spin. She is also at the University of Memphis for Public Relations and will graduate in 2020 and I can’t wait to see where that takes her!

Jimmy Connor

Custom Builder & Install Expert - Gym Man Bun Unicorn

Jimmy is my brother in law, he didn’t get to come to our picture day with the girls so I pulled some fabulous pictures from my wedding. His background is in horticulture and has worked at the zoo in events so it was perfect for him to join the team! If there is something that needs to be built or installed he is probably who was recruited for the job!