10 Reasons to Get a Wedding Coordinator

Wedding Coordinators seem to be the mythical unicorns of the weddings industry. I've had so many people ask what coordinating a wedding entails. This is my 1st hand account from being a bride and coordinating events for 9 years as to why you should consider adding a coordinator to your day. 

photo by amber rhodes lapoint

photo by amber rhodes lapoint

1. Wedding Therapist

You surround yourself with fantastic family and friends throughout the process but eventually they want a break from color schemes and koozie fonts. This is my favorite part! Being apart of the details that pull the event together. I’m here to help you through the process and especially to see you through the most exciting day you’ve ever experienced! 

2. Professional Cat Herder

Bridesmaids and caterers and uncle bobs, OH MY! There are so many people and jobs that are happening on your wedding day. While you’re getting ready that should be the ONLY thing you are focused on. You are surrounded by so many people that love you, I’m here to make sure that you and your family and friends get to enjoy it while I see that everyone and everything is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there!

photo by whit photography

photo by whit photography

3. Timeline Extraordinaire  

Timelines are probably one of my favorite things to put together. Many vendors will give you their own versions but I take everything they give you and compile it into one document so that at one glance you know what should be happening right now. I make sure you won’t go over anytime limits, that everything is as efficient as possible, and that on your big day I’m the only one that has to fret over it. I want your day to run smoothly so from the beginning let’s coordinate your perfect day! 

4. Personal Decorator

I have a slight decorating problem. If you ever come to my house I have bookshelves, china cabinets, and end tables galore full to the brim of treasures I've collected. I love finding gems with stories, then finding the perfect place to display it for all to see! I make sure all of the items you bring are where you want them in the most beautiful organized manner possible! 

photo by the hatches

photo by the hatches

5. The Preverbial “Bad Guy” 

Sometimes things happen. People change clothes too early, a vendor is running late and didn’t let you know, or someone is breaking a venue rule. I’m here to handle it so you can enjoy your day!

6. Expert Cake Tester

Probably my favorite, but one of the most difficult decisions for the wedding. What kind of cake and icing do we pick, and how in the world should we decorate it. Have no fear, I got you girl! I really do enjoy helping you choose how to decorate your cake, and I mean no one complains about samples! It doesn't stop at cakes though, I love helping you pull together the details of your wedding. From the stationary, the welcome table, the centerpieces, even the alter....I am here helping you coordinate the style of the whole shebang! 

7. Girl Friday - Right Hand Woman

By the wedding day we have been through the entire process together. I know exactly why you picked what you picked and where you want everything! I am your go to girl. I’ve sewn dresses, fixed makeup, and hid wine stains....no one has to know! I help you make it pretty and make it happen.

8. Time keeper

Bouquet tosses, cake cuttings, first looks......to shove everything into one day you have to have a very strict timeline. Sometimes multiple things are happening at the same time. I make sure they all go off without a hitch, that we always start the ceremony on time, and that at the end of the night you’re not accidentally getting charged for a vendor being there too long.

9.  Fire-woman

It doesn’t fail, weird things happen at weddings. It downpours and people get stuck in traffic, the plumbing goes out, you forgot your wedding certificate, your wedding bands arrive the day before your wedding, someone steps on the dress...most of things are accidents that you just have to roll with. I make sure to take care of everything I can and that none of the worry or stress gets to you! 

10. Dancing Instigator

Finally, I will warn you I am horrible at dancing. However, I am fantastic at getting people better at dancing than me into the dance floor! It’s the time of the night when people want to enjoy themselves and have fun for the remainder of the night. I can’t wait to help you dance the night away as a newly married couple!

photo by shelby renee photo

photo by shelby renee photo