39 Things to Do Before Your Wedding

IT'S ALMOST WEDDING DAY! There is so much to get done in the last few weeks leading up to your big day. Here's a good list of 39 things you should make sure gets done before your wedding day!

photo by Shelby Renee Photo

photo by Shelby Renee Photo

1. Practice Makes Perfect

Grab your dress and try on the full ensemble, including shoes and jewelry. This is the perfect time to take bridals. Also, practice that walk down the aisle and make sure everything looks and feels comfortable. Pro tip: Try going to the bathroom in your dress as well!

2. Walk a Mile in Those Bridal Shoes

Please do not let the first day you wear those 6 in heels be your wedding day! Those dogs will be barking before you even say I do! Wear them around the house to break them in so your feet won't hate you on your wedding day!

3. Tie up Loose Ends at Your Job

Many people save up their vacay days just for their wedding. Try to tie up anything that needs to get done and delegate anything left over, if possible. You don't want to answer a work crisis on the way to your honeymoon!

4. Bring on the Bling

Be sure to get those rings polished up for the big day. Also, if you haven't already you need to look into getting the rings insured, ASAP!

5. Meet with Your Planner or Day-Of Coordinator

If you have a wedding planner or day-of coordinator, have a final meeting with him or her to go over any last-minute details.

6. Track Down the Slackers

Time to call anyone who hasn’t RSVP'd yet. Reach out to the last-minute stragglers who haven't told you whether or not they're coming to your wedding. While it may feel like you're playing a game of cat and mouse, it's better to know the final count sooner rather than later — otherwise those MIA guests might show up and have nowhere to sit.

7. Deliver the Final Head Count

You’ll want to give the final headcount to your hotel, caterer, planner, and rental person as soon as you can. Please pay attention to their contracts when they want the final numbers and payments. 

8. Finalize the Seating Chart

Most of the RSVPs should be in by now, so sit down with your spouse-to-be and finalize the seating arrangements. Be sure to send a copy to those who need it, like the wedding planner, photographer and designated bridesmaid.

9. Submit Your Must Haves to Your Photographer

If there are any pictures you have to have, send them onto your photographer. They are usually great about systematically getting those must have photos but sometimes they need to know about a sentimental piece, a family member or old friend who will be in town or a fun statement detail you've put together. But I wouldn't make it very long or detailed, that could cause them to miss the special moments, because they are trying to check off your list. 

10. Put the Marriage License in a Place You'll Remember

You want this thing to be legal, right? Make sure your marriage license is in order and assign someone to keep track of it on the day-of to ensure it’s signed correctly and doesn’t get lost in the mix.

11. Answer Last-Minute Emails

If your inbox is crowded with questions from guests or vendors, be sure to give it a last minute read through and answer any emails that are filled with pressing wedding questions before you go MIA and straight into a weekend of wedding fun.

12. Confirm Honeymoon Logistics

Double check how you are leaving to get there, flight times and confirm your hotel bookings and any other activity or dinner reservations you might have. Especially if you are leaving the day after your wedding.

13. Confirm Vendors

Shoot all your vendors an email and copy your coordinator or give them a quick call on the Monday before the event. Be sure to confirm arrival times. This includes your hair and makeup team!

14. Prepare Payments

Get any checks or final payments ready for vendors. Check your contracts for payment deadlines.

15. Figure Out Your Post-Wedding Escape Route

Whether you plan to go home after the wedding or to an after-party, plan ahead your transportation for the end of the night so you're not caught hailing a cab in your wedding dress.

16. Confirm Who's Giving the Toast

If there are a couple of people who are reading a little something special to you and your significant other at the wedding or rehearsal dinner, check in with them and confirm. You can also let them know the time frame that they should expect to speak, so that they feel calm and ready for their role.

17. Assign Someone To Grab Gifts and Decorations

Many coordinators make sure your items are put away. But choose a family member or five to be there when the night ends to see that everything is cleaned up and put away. If there is someone taking home your gifts and decor be sure that is noted to your family members and coordinator. You may be too busy to remember to do this, or you may be heading to your wedding after-party. Assigning this task to someone else (and someone responsible) will help make sure everything makes it home to you safe and sound.

18. Organize Wedding Boxes

Prepare boxes of things you’ll need for the wedding—things like the guest book, cake knife, toasting glasses, etc. Deliver them to whoever will be in charge of getting them to the right place.

19. Check on the Rehearsal Dinner

If another family member is putting together the rehearsal dinner, confirm all the details with them. If you’re in charge, give the venue or restaurant a ring to go over the timing, menu, etc. one last time.

20. Get Gratuities in Order

Prepare tip envelopes for your vendors by placing cash into marked envelopes. You don’t want to be scrambling around for cash the night of the wedding.

21. Print Out Place Cards

Now that you know exactly who is coming and where they are sitting, you can get these printed and boxed up ready to go for the big day. Deliver them to whoever will be in charge of putting them out.

22. Say Hello To Your In-Laws

Touch base with your (almost) mother-in-law and father-in-law, and your immediate family as well, and see if they need anything or have any last-minute questions. Once you chat with them, ask them to act as liaisons to the other guests or family members who have questions.

23. Designate a Social Media Guru

Assign a trusty bridesmaid or groomsman to take care of any social media logistics like testing out your Snapchat filter on the day of, or encouraging guests to use your wedding hashtag.

24. Fill Welcome Bags

Stuff these with candy and goodies for your out-of-town guests and deliver them to the hotel. That way, when they arrive, they have a package of wedding excitement waiting for them.

25. Package Up Gifts for the Bridal Party

Those adorable gifts you bought to thank your bridesmaids for all their hard work? Be sure to wrap them up and include a nice, personalized note with each.

26. Drop Off Items at the Venue

If the venue is okay with it, drop off boxes of decorations or wedding items ahead of time. That way, you don't need to lug a bunch of boxes with you on the day of.

27. Put Together a List of Party Songs

Have any favorite songs you want played on your big day? Put together a list of your favorite jams and pass that along to the DJ the week before the wedding so he or she can come prepared.

28. Pack An “Emergency Kit”

Many coordinators bring a one as well, but it never hurts to have spare revisions. You can buy one specifically for the occasion or go the DIY route. You’ll want to include things like band aids, nail file, hair spray, pain killers, tampons, a small sewing kit, a tide pen, baby wipes, deodorant, mints, and extra makeup.

29. Check in with Bridal Party

You or your spouse should check in with the guys to make sure they’ve picked up their tuxes and are in-the-know about all wedding day logistics. Reach out to see if the bridesmaids have any last-minute questions and confirm when/where they should meet on the day of.

30. Practice Your Vows Out Loud

Whether you’ve written your own or you’re going with the more “standard vows” practice what you’ll say and how you’ll say it in front of a mirror. Even if you've silently read the words over and over again, be sure to read your vows out loud to yourself a handful of times. Practice reading it with a steady and slow pace until you feel confident and calm.

31. Pack for the Honeymoon

If you’re leaving for the honeymoon within two days of the wedding, pack your bags. You’ll feel much better having that out of the way. You won't have to worry about doing laundry or adding last-minute items to your suitcase the morning after your big day.

32. Clean Your Home

Things are likely to get a little messy in the frenzy of wedding planning so take some time to tidy up. Coming back to a clean home is one of the best feelings.

33. Write Your Partner a Letter

Jot down a couple of words and feelings for your soon-to-be spouse to read on the morning of the wedding. It will help get them excited and emotional for the day ahead of both of you.

34. Get a Mani Pedi

Even better if you can do this with your bridesmaids and/or mom and mother-in-law. Try to get this done a day or two before the wedding so your nails are as fresh as possible.

35. Pack your Wedding Day Bag

In addition to your wedding day ensemble, remember to pack anything else you’ll need for the weekend: clothes, medications and lingerie or pjs.

36. Get Plenty of Sleep

Try to crawl into bed a little earlier than usual the week before your wedding. The more rest you get, the better. Once the wedding activities start, it may be harder to wrap your arms around a solid night's sleep.

37. Check the Weather Forecast

Try to use multiple weather apps for the best accuracy. If there’s any chance of rain in the forecast, start thinking about your contingency plan becoming a reality.

38. Spend Some Quality Time with your Future Spouse

Even if it’s just a quick outing for a cup of coffee, find a small window of time to spend one-on-one with your partner.

39. Relax and Breathe!

You're almost there! The hard work is done, now it's time to sit back and enjoy the day you've been preparing for months! Take a brisk walk, get a massage, watch your favorite movie…do whatever you like to do to relax so you can feel fresh for your big day.