5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner that also Designs

Wedding planners are wonderful magical unicorns that take your ideas, organize it all and send wonderful vendors into your life that will make it happen. They handle logistics, and timelines, and guest counts oh my (just for starters)! It is an intense job in itself, HOWEVER sometimes you need more than a planner. You need a designer that also handles florals, colors, rentals, and all of the pretty aspects for your wedding.

There are so many details that need to come together on your big day and having someone that is not only overseeing the logistics but also how every linen, flower and stationary will piece together brings the entire day together. Here are a few benefits to having someone that does it all!

  1. Less vendors - sometimes too many chefs in the kitchen spoils the stew. Having multiple vendors that are all different companies that all have different visions and different standards can muddy the waters. Things will not get communicated as fluidly, ideas can clash, and if these companies haven’t worked together consistently it makes it more difficult to pull off your big day!

  2. Less logistics - some vendors do multiple events a day. Having a separate florist or designer with rentals can be a logistical nightmare. You are trying to get your items at the venue and set up for pictures before guests arrive and I have seen a few close calls.

  3. Easier communication - if the planner is handling the design of the rentals, florals, stationary, and cake they have all of your colors and your style in mind, and an amazing team of people they have worked with time and time again that can bring something amazing and completely you together for your big day!

  4. Easier accreditation - when a florist, a planner, a rental company, venue and sometimes a caterer all have a hand in the design it becomes really hard to know who is doing what for your wedding (i.e. the layout, the linen rental, styling etc). Also, it makes crediting the designer for the work very difficult. Wedding design is an art and a painstaking job that requires a lot of hours and education. It can be a nightmare when a venue takes over the layout and you realize too late they weren’t aware of a large item that needs to fit now. It makes your life so much easier when your planner handles those logistic/layout details for everything.

  5. Saves you time & money - choosing a designer is beyond choosing someone to handle your day. When you have one company handling your design, planning, and florals you found someone you trust to pull everything together. It can be hard to find multiple vendors you vibe with to pull off all of these aspects and having one company do everything generally saves you money in the long run. A lot of design companies try to help you with the cost decor rentals (centerpiece containers, catering dishes, candle holders etc) and many have deals with companies to help alleviate a little bit of the cost for everything you are purchasing for your day!

Kelsey Connor