8 Tips for Planning the Perfect Proposal

Valentine's Day is ALMOST here! So many people get engaged on this day. And it's completely understandable, it's a day all about love and showing someone how much they mean to you! Here are 8 tips incase you're still trying to pull together your perfect proposal! 

photo by amber rhodes lapoint

photo by amber rhodes lapoint

1. Shop for a Ring Together

1 in 4 couples want to pick out the ring in advance, she will wear this ring for years it only makes sense that she helps pick it out. If you want to keep it a complete surprise bring along the best friend or family member that knows them the best.

2. Get her a Manicure

About 40% want to have a fresh manicure so their ring pictures are top notch. You can be a little sneaky and get her a gift card for an early valentine's day present, or have a friend suggest it to her. 

3. Keep the Actual Proposal a Surprise

You may accidentally drop a few hints that it is happening soon, but about 90% of girls want to be surprised about the details. So start getting creative!

4. Think twice about proposing in front of family and friends

About 73% wanted a private proposal over 21% that wanted a public one with family and friends. ESPECIALLY if you know that she doesn't like being the center of attention, keep it private! 

5. Do not get your phone involved

For once put the phone down! Contrary to popular belief that our phones need to document every single moment of our lives, about 1 out of 3 couples wanted their proposals captured on camera and only 14% wanted to have their proposal captured on video! So get a photographer if she loves pictures, but don't stress about the rest. 

6. Get out of your house

Only 5% wanted to get engaged in the comfort of their own home. Find a special place she will always remember. The less cliche the better!

7. Don't stress about proposing on vacation

While a vacation proposal might seem like a dream come truly, only 18% wanted to get engaged in a romantic vacation spot.

8. Savor the moment

While it might seem like a great idea to also plan a surprise engagement party, only 12% of couples revealed that they’d want one right after the proposal. Savor the moment as a newly-engaged couples and then find time later to celebrate with friends and family!