24 Wedding Budget Busters

If this is your first go round with a wedding or large event. There are so many things that pop up that you may not have realized or budgeted for, here is a list of the little things that add up big time on your big day! 


1. Postage

You've paid for invitations, RSVPs, save the dates, thank you cards, etc. Now it's time to send those babies out! Keep in mind you'll probably be paying a pretty penny with just postage stamps. (Also, please put one on your return RSVPs. It will save you a lot of grief in the long run)

2. Pre-Wedding Event Outfits

Bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, and engagement parties are coming. You may not need brand new attire for each event but keep in mind they will add up if you purchase something new for everything you need to attend.

3. Undergarments and Accessories

The sticker shock can be real when it comes to bras and panties ladies! Especially if you need something specific that holds in the girls, doesn't have a back, can't have straps etc, you'll probably need a new brassiere, just FYI.

4. Beauty Treatments

Peels, lifts, and even waxing may be part of your pre wedding treatments. It's rather unfair how much more the bride has to do than the groom. 

5. Hair and Makeup Trials

You don't just pay for the day of makeup. You should also pay for a trial to make sure this is the look you want for your big day!

6. Wedding Stationary (Not just Invites)

We talked about postage adding up, but stationary is a big expense as well. You have RSVPs, save the dates, thank you cards, programs, and menus too!

7. A Tent Floor & Decor

If you have a tent there are certain things you may want to purchase with it. A floor is great, especially if the reason you got the tent is due to the weather. But you also need lighting, possibly generators, walls, or a dance floor. 

8. Extra Alterations

Raising a hem or bringing in a sleeve is child's play compared to some of the alterations people want on their dress. Be prepared if you have a large chest, wider hips, or bigger arms. OR if there is bead work or something unique about the dress that the seamstress needs to work with, it adds up quickly. 

9. Audio at Ceremony

Everyone remembers the DJ for their reception but people forget about the music and a sound system for their ceremony. Be sure if your DJ is doing it that he is there in plenty of time and can easily transfer his equipment to the reception. If he isn't then you will need to find a Plan B so everyone can hear your music and the officiant.  

10. Lighting & Generators

This especially comes into play with an outdoor event but indoor events require special lighting sometimes as well. Talk to your venue, planner, and rental people about options and see what would look the best without costing an arm and a leg. 

11. Extra Decor

The ceremony, the cake table, the welcome table, and the sweetheart table may want a little extra decor when the time comes. 

12. Day of Coordinator

On your big day you don't want to have to hustle around or have a friend worrying about your wedding. Hire a coordinator what will make sure your day runs smoothly! 

13. Feeding Your Vendors

Especially the vendors that are there with you all day, please make sure there's enough food to feed everyone.

14. Tips and Gratuities

Some vendors require gratuities, especially caterers. But many vendors go above and beyond, so if you think they did a great job, it is a nice happy to get at the end of a long day. 

15. Sales Tax & Service Charges

Please read your contracts and make sure you are prepared for every extra item that will pop up on the bill. 

16. Overtime Costs

Part of a coordinators job is to make sure that your timelines all come together perfectly so you don't end up with overtime charges. But if something happens and you do end up going over be aware that many people will come back and invoice you. 

17. Delivery, Setup & Breakdown Fees

Don't just compare the prices of the items, compare their fees as well to see who fits your budget the best!

18. Including Yourself in Headcount

You would probably like a chair, food, and cake. Be sure you include yourself and your wedding party in your overall headcount. 

19. Marriage License

These aren't super expensive, but they're necessary! Be sure to get it less that 30 days before your wedding day, they do expire. 

20. Hotel Room

You may want to get the room for more than just your wedding night. See logistically what works best for your day. 

21. Breakfast and Lunch for the Wedding Party

I completely forgot about this on our wedding day! We ran to the closest fast food and grabbed some sandwiches but it would have been much easier to get food for everyone before hand! 

22. Gifts for Parents

These don't need to be anything huge. But something sweet and sentimental would be the perfect way to thank your parents for being there on your big day!

23. Unexpected & Uninvited Guests

It doesn't fail, these people come out of the woodwork expecting an invite or not realizing that they can't bring their boyfriend of two weeks and their two best friends. Try to be as specific as possible on the invitations and follow up if something doesn't match your numbers. 

24. Unpredictable Mishaps

Things always happen. Plumbing goes out, you forget something and have to run to the nearest store, etc. Just keep a little safety net just in case you need to get some emergency supplies on your big day. Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst and everything will run swimmingly. Just don't let ANYTHING ruin your big day!