17 Fantastic Venues in Memphis Tennessee

I just want to throw out there that I love my city. Memphis Tennessee is definitely my home. I originally wanted to leave the city in the dust for college but I stuck around and went to the good old University of Memphis! From there I got to explore the city and ultimately figured out what the big deal was for this "little town in a big city". 

This is my list, in no particular order, of totally Memphis places you may not have known about that are pretty awesome for events and are open to you having your wedding there! I even found some fabulous examples of events at these locations from local vendors. Check out the links for more info about the weddings, their vendors, and of course pretty pictures of the venues!

1. Graceland

I mean we are the birthplace of rock n' roll, I have to throw The King's home in the mix. There is a chapel and a guest house to utilize. If you want more info about having a wedding there check out Graceland's site!

2. Stax Museum

The Stax Museum is such a cool staple for Memphis. There is so much history and it is set up perfectly for really any function! Check out the Stax Museum site for info on booking!

3. The Orpheum Theatre

If you want a grand wedding then there is no other place more perfect than the Orpheum Theatre! If you happen to have 2,300 friends you are in luck, you can rent the theatre and stage! There are a few more intimate location options as well in the theatre. They are allll beautiful and sure to set the stage for a fabulous wedding! Check out all the options on their site here!

4. Wiseacre Brewing Company

I mean what doesn't say a party like a brewery? They have the perfect outdoor/indoor space for a wedding and everyone is sure to have an awesome time! To chat with them about an event check out their private event page!

5. Loflin Yard

This place has taken downtown over by storm. It is such a fun place to gather and spend time with people. Puppies and babies, of the well-behaved variety, are welcome too! To inquire about an event here, check out their page!

6. Propcellar

Unique businesses have popped up all over the art district near Broad Street & Summer Ave. Propcellar is no different. They have found an awesome niche giving brides the opportunity to have a blank space to let their imaginations run wild, and having FABULOUS rentals they can use to fill it. Contacting Propcellar is easy, check out their contact page here! OR to see their fabulous rentals click here!


7. 409 South Main

Newly renovated, 409 S. Main has become a hot spot for weddings. The dressing room is out of a magazine and it is the perfect industrial/modern space to start planning your dream wedding! To rent their stunning space check out the venue here!

8. Minglewood Hall

minglewood hall.jpg

This place though! If you haven't made your way over to Minglewood Hall it is the PERFECT place for a wedding. The huge open area has housed thousands of eager music lovers over the years and creates an energetic but cozy atmosphere to dance the night away! Here's their page for more details!

9. Memphis Zoo

The Memphis Zoo is a staple in the city, it's filled with lions, and tigers, and bears oh my! (I had to, sorry for the dad jokes.) But you can choose from 9 different locations within the zoo, perfect for any wedding or event! Here's how to get in contact with the Memphis Zoo!

10. Woodruff Fontaine

I may be partial because I got married here. BUT it's such an awesome venue. It is definitely filled with rich Memphis history. There is a variety of options to choose from on the grounds, and do not miss out on having a docent take people through the museum during your reception! Talk to these peeps here!

11. Children's Museum

It isn't just for children! Carousels are magical at any age, IMAGINE THE PICTURES PEOPLE! 

12. Levitt Shell

If you aren't familiar with the Levitt Shell, they hold free concerts in Overton Park so that families and friends can just enjoy what Memphis is made of, MUSIC! It is such a vibrant venue, it makes the perfect backdrop for a ceremony. 

13. Old Dominick

photo by ashley benham photography

photo by ashley benham photography

We were able to take a tour of the Old Dominick Distillery and it holds so much Memphis history. The rooftop is absolutely PERFECT for an intimate wedding or event. For more info check out their website.

14. Elmwood Cemetary

I was a little wary about suggesting a cemetery for a wedding venue but once you see this chapel you completely understand why this is the place to be! How gorgeous is this lighting?!


15. Memphis Made

photo by cassie cook photography

photo by cassie cook photography

Memphis Made is such a fun unique place to get married! I love the atmosphere, perfect for any intimate shindig! To contact them, check out their website!

16. Metal Museum

photo by ashley benham photography

photo by ashley benham photography

This museum has such a story. It is the perfect space for an event. It has eclectic pieces to add interest and the PERFECT view of the river!

17. Avon Acres

This gorgeous venue JUST opened and it is absolutely breathtaking! You have to see this beautiful space complete with industrial chandeliers, large doors for easy indoor/outdoor gatherings, two bars, and a perfect outdoor space for a ceremony! For more info on this new venue, check it out here