10 Wedding Day Timeline Tips

The timeline sets the flow for your entire day. Here are a few tips to help your day run as smoothly as possible.

  1. Add Fluff Time - It never fails something will happen on wedding day that will throw a wrench in your entire timeline. Make sure you expect the unexpected on your big day and everything will go to plan!

  2. Schedule Time to Eat - You will be running around all day, if you do not plan for time to eat, you wont. I am a fat kid at heart and can’t imagine going through the best day of your life without eating, you will still look fabulous in that dress….shove some food in your face!

  3. Pay Attention to Sunset Time - If sunset is at 5 o’clock make sure outside activities that wont be lit are scheduled to finish by 5.

  4. Have a First Look - First looks before the ceremony help the day run so much smoother. They allow you have all your pictures done before the ceremony, more time to relax, and you can just enjoy the rest of the evening afterwards.

  5. Keep your Wedding to 4 or 5 Hours - From your Ceremony start time to the Exit keep your timeline to about 4-5 hours. Once you go past 5 hours you will lose most of your guests, and the people trying to stick it out to the end are ready to go. If your group isn’t much for late night parties 4 hours may be enough, and if they love to party you can schedule those people to go to another location. This allows the majority of your guests to call it a night and for the venue to be cleaned.

  6. Group Pictures over Fake Exits - I love exit pictures, it helps the photographer end the night on a high note and have a good picture to show the conclusion of the day. However, due to time constraints many times you need that picture taken in the middle of the reception. Instead of making your guests leave the party, line up, take a picture and file back into the reception to try to start the party back up you can have them get on the dance floor and do a group picture with pom poms, bubbles or spirit fingers (whatever your venue will allow).

  7. Hire Professionals - I had an inexperienced photographers make the day run behind because they were not prepared for the activities of a wedding day. I’ve had cakes fall over because a friend baked them. And I’ve seen novice DJ’s who didn’t have music prepared which delayed the couples entrance. Also, having a professional planner and wedding manager that is overseeing your day makes all the difference ensuring that your day runs as smooth as possible!

  8. Schedule Time for you Guys - Have at least 5-10 minutes scheduled after the ceremony so that you can be alone, look at each other and go OMG WE JUST GOT MARRIED! This is such an exciting day, have a minute to let it set in.

  9. Have a Rehearsal - This may be a no brainer but practice makes perfect, if you want the day to go smoothly you need a rehearsal. Spend an hour lining up the family and bridal party up and making sure they know how the ceremony will go.

  10. If it’s Not Important to You Nix It - I’ve taken out cake cuttings, first dances, bouquet tosses, exits, toasts, extra readings, extra songs…..if you don’t like it and it wont cause World War 3 in your family…don’t do it!

At the end of the day make sure this day is about you and your significant other! Preparation is key, the more prepared you are the better you will feel about the activities of the day!

Kelsey Connor